The Fates

UX/ UI Lead Visual Effects

The Fates was a new game being released on the Double Down Facebook site done in collaboration with the Las Vegas studio that was creating the casino cabinet release. We were given an opportunity to work with Unity (a new development tool at the time) to pull and assemble assets from the actual casino release. We were limited to the web and min-spec of everyday computers plus tablets and mobile phones. The challenge was to create usable assets and effects that would be as close to the original as possible.

I created assets for both desktop and mobile releases. The challenges in mobile was creating a layout that worked properly given the established template at DDI. The animations needed to have some consistency with the casino release. Breaking down animations for desktop and mobile requires a good eye for timing which I felt confident I was able to pull off.

Three different animated exports mobile PC, Tablet and  Mobile

Desktop release 24 FPS

Tablet release12 FPS

Mobile release 6 FPS