Art Direction, UX Research, UI Design

The Challenge:

After Deployment is a military health website that needed a more modern look and feel and the content restructured to be more easily navigated and digested. T2 was looking to improve user base by creating an RWD (Responsive Web Design) site that would attract mobile and tablet users. This was to be the flagship product and all other sites and mobile apps would follow a similar approach. 


I researched similar military websites looking at layout and palette ideas. I looked for consistency in the design. Working with product owners, I gave them some ideas on different designs and created a concept of some ideas. I also worked on RWD ideas as well.


A sitemap is created to establish the pages and information of the site. This is a basic road-map that can be altered or added to taken away from. 


I was tasked to do a total redesign of the website. The first step was to define the pain points and begin restructuring the site. We started by breaking up the information into sub-categories and creating a site-wide, consistent layout to make it more manageable for the user.


Collaboration and communication helped this design come to its final look and feel. Product owners were pleased and were looking forward to working with developers to bring the concept. I also worked on prototyping web and mobile apps to give developers an visual reference.


created using Sketch and inVision.

LoFi Concept
Fonts and Color Palette
Final Deliverable (Web)
Final Deliverable (RWD)