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Simutronics: Clans

Objective: Tasked to create a "Clan's" page for the Steam release of Galahad 3093. User's can join or created a Clan or Faction to build up or gain experience and build a support system of players that could team up with one another and fight other clans. The clan would then be able to communicate with other members of the group  to learn about new features and look to gain XP points to build up and modify their Mech Characters.

Solution: Develop an updated look and feel for a platform which is designed to have all wargaming products that would be grouped into specific categories based on genre of game. This was going to include products across the wargaming portfolio with hopes to include partnership with big and small studios with products worth sharing in a single location.

Client: Simutronics: Clans

My Role and tasks: UX/ UI Design and Concept

  • Adding Homepage button to Top Navigation

  • Clan's Homepage

  • Search/ Join/ Create Clan's page

  • Chat page



I researched common platforms that are based on the requirements that I was tasked. Looking at the type of information that is presented as well as location of "Calls to Action" buttons or symbols. Color palettes are also a focus for me to see how colors are used for the type of genre games are out there.  

User Flow and Lo-Fi Concept and Wireframes

User Flow:

Creating a sitemap is useful to see the navigation and establishing the pages and information of the site.  This is a basic road-map that can be altered or added to taken away from. 

Lo-Fi Concept:

My sketchbook I start every process with notes and quick sketches to evaluate options. Drawing small ideas is helpful when laying things out. I find this helpful when meeting with product owners about concepts and playing around with color palettes.



05a. Wargaming_Games2_WF.jpg
05. Wargaming_Featured_WF.jpg

Proof of Concept

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