Robert Sanchez


Marketing Concepts

Visual Design/ Illustration

There have been quite a few projects that I have contributed to in terms of social media and promotion.  Over the years I have assisted non-profit organizations define their brand, create a web presence  and build assets for promotional purposes. Here are some examples of flyer's, mailers and promotion materials for print and social media.

Prototyping, UI Design, Concept and Presentation

I was tasked to building out a platform redesign on the Wargaming site. The tasks I focused on was creating a PowerPoint...

Project Spark

Lead UI Designer,

Visual Effects Animator

Project Spark was an idea that brought players into the realm of inventing their own gaming experience. Users could be a game designer, world architect, programmer or adventurer in any genre of game, they only had to let their imagination flow. 
DoubleDown Interactive

UX/ UI Lead, Branding, Web Design,Visual Effects

Promotion of Wheel of Fortune franchise. I had the opportunity to design and implement art assets creating a wheel that was consistent with the DDI style.

The Fates

UX/ UI Design, Visual Effects

The Fates was a new game being released on the Double Down Facebook site done in collaboration with the Las Vegas studio that was creating the casino cabinet release.

Art Direction, UX Research, UI Design

After Deployment is a military health website that needed a more modern look and feel and the content restructured to be more easily navigated and digested. We were looking to improve user base by creating a an RWD (Responsive Web Design) site that would attract mobile and tablet users.

Tacoma Art Museum

Marketing, Layout, Illustration

I worked on a concept for promoting Day of the Dead at the Tacoma Art Museum by putting together a series billboards and posters.

Storyboard Artist, Animator, Visual Effects

Bayou Blast was to gain exposure on Facebook, but with the market becoming saturated with a large selection of match 3 titles, Bayou needed a special approach to stand out.

Branding and Logos

Illustration, Layout, Design, Symbols, Characters

I specialize in logo design, brand identity. I’ve worked collaboratively with clients of all sizes to help grow their businesses through passion, meaningful and enduring design. 

Motion Graphics and Visual Effects

Visual Effects, Animation, Direction, Motion and Timing

In my career, I have brought many things to life visually. It has been a fun road and I have enjoyed the many challenges that it brings. 


Artist, Designer, Sketch, 3D Art Vector, Typography, Illustrator

I consider myself a multidisciplinary animator, illustrator, and designer. Guided by a lifelong love of drawing,

Visual Design, UI Design, Visual Effects

Designed and animated different card tier's for Take 2's mobile release of WWE Supercard. Created concepts...

WWE_Phone Mock-up.jpg

Info-graphic concepts for new team members at Usability Lab and Telehealth and Technology


Concept, UI, Design, Visual Effects

Designed and animated different card tier's for Take 2's mobile release of NBA 2K19 and 20. Created concepts...

After Deployment
Bayou Blast

Marketing Director (part-time, volunteer)

Dream Team Hoops Northwest March 2017 – Present

Established the branding as well as created marketing materials for promotion, print, and apparel. Created content for website design and their social media presence. Collaborated on fundraising and put together sponsorship packets. Volunteer coach and mentor to the 8th grade athletes. Using the sport of basketball to bring kids together and help nurture leadership skills as well as develop long term relationship among their peers and their community.

Visual Designer/ UI Artist  

Cat Daddy Games March 2018 – September 2019

Visual Designer in charge of creating art assets for the Take Two’s mobile release of “WWE Created art assets for the Take Two’s mobile release of “WWE Super Card” and “NBA 2K19.” My primary focus built creative and original visual effects, in-game marketing assets, icons, in-game HUD elements and appealing playing cards with animated backgrounds.

Art Director/ Creative Director    

Attain (Contract agency for Department of Defense) December 2015 – May 2017

In collaboration with the Project Manager, Development Leads, UX Designers, Usability Lab, Physiologists and Government Services. I grew the art and design team and established a high-level agile work environment. Promoting and set high-quality standards for the design team and ensure those standards are upheld in execution. Creating an effective user experience along with reviewing design output of other design team members' work and advises engaging with business stakeholders to understand direction and guidelines. Created a pipeline between development and production by establishing a library of assets using Sketch as the primary tool. Streamlining the workflow within the limitations of a secure government network. All for the sake of military personnel and their family members seeking mental health resource and information.

UI - UX Designer

Double Down Interactive/ IGT March 2014 – December 2015

Front-end HUD design and visual effects, with other responsibilities: worked on user research and collected data of similar platforms; built wire-frames and created prototypes, giving a basic understanding of look and functionality to the front-end so users would have a smooth experience accessing content and games. Prototype exploration of future projects using Unity.

Lead UI Designer

Microsoft January 2013 – February 2014

As Lead UI Designer, created effects and animated transitions plus built out HUD elements for all stages of the game. Collaborated with art director on creating conceptual ideas. Trained new UI artists in the fundamentals of Expressions Blend. Kept project manager and developers apprised by giving weekly status updates on assets for the product.

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