Lead UI Designer,

Visual Effects Animator

Project Spark was an idea that brought players into the realm of inventing their own gaming experience. Users could be a game designer, world architect, programmer or adventurer in any genre of game, they only had to let their imagination flow. 

UX/ UI Lead, Branding, Web Design,Visual Effects

Promotion of Wheel of Fortune franchise. I had the opportunity to design and implement art assets creating a wheel that was consistent with the DDI style.

UX/ UI Design, Visual Effects

The Fates was a new game being released on the Double Down Facebook site done in collaboration with the Las Vegas studio that was creating the casino cabinet release.

Art Direction, UX Research, UI Design

After Deployment is a military health website that needed a more modern look and feel and the content restructured to be more easily navigated and digested. We were looking to improve user base by creating a an RWD (Responsive Web Design) site that would attract mobile and tablet users.

Marketing, Layout, Illustration

I worked on a concept for promoting Day of the Dead at the Tacoma Art Museum by putting together a series billboards and posters.

Storyboard Artist, Animator, Visual Effects

Bayou Blast was to gain exposure on Facebook, but with the market becoming saturated with a large selection of match 3 titles, Bayou needed a special approach to stand out.

Illustration, Layout, Design, Symbols, Characters

I specialize in logo design, brand identity. I’ve worked collaboratively with clients of all sizes to help grow their businesses through passion, meaningful and enduring design. 

Visual Effects, Animation, Direction, Motion and Timing

In my career, I have brought many things to life visually. It has been a fun road and I have enjoyed the many challenges that it brings. 

Artist, Designer, Sketch, Vector, Typography, Illustrator

I consider myself a multidisciplinary animator, illustrator, and designer. Guided by a lifelong love of drawing,